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Qualified Dermatologist in Detroit, Michigan

Dermatology Center in Michigan

Reclaim Your Body

Splotchy acne. Painful eczema. Itchy psoriasis. These are the kinds of skin conditions that can wreck your confidence, making you want to cover up and stay inside. We’ve all been there. With the help of A Comprehensive Dermatology Center, this no longer has to be your reality.

Clear Complexion, Complete Confidence

At our clinic, we understand skin. Everyone has trouble with it at least once in life, whether at the stage of adolescent breakouts or later on with aging skin. Conditions of the epidermis can be painful, embarrassing and distract from your gorgeous face. With our expertise, you can shed those extra layers of clothing and makeup and once again be happy with what you see in the mirror.

Why Choose Us?

Experience, Expertise, Excellence

A Comprehensive Dermatology Center aims to get you comfortable in your own skin again. Our certified dermatologist specializes in treatments of all diseases of the skin, hair and nails and developing custom treatment plans to achieve your goals for healthy, beautiful skin. With 20 years of experience and dermatology expertise, we’ve healed epidermis ailments and boosted complexions of more patients than we can count.

We Can Do It All

Our skilled doctor can do it all, from Botox injections to skin cancer treatments. You can always rely on Dr. Moiin to leave your skin healthier and rosier than he found it.

Accredited and Qualified

Dr. Moiin has a long history of qualifying experiences that make him a perfect choice for your dermatologist. After his medical training, he became an associate professor of dermatology at Wayne State University, where he keeps his knowledge fresh. Before starting his private practice, he served as chief of dermatology at Harper Hospital and is a former Chairman of Continuing Medical Education.
In order to earn your trust, we have become registered members of the Better Business Bureau, and Dr. Moiin has been board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology.

Conveniently Located

We have four convenient locations in Michigan so we can be available to as many patients as possible. You can visit us in Troy, Detroit, Livonia or Lapeer, where you’ll be treated like family and walk out the door feeling optimistic about your skin again.
Say goodbye to skin problems. If you’re ready for a healthy, youthful glow, turn to A Comprehensive Dermatology Center to reclaim your complexion — and your confidence.